Nutritionists spoke about the impact of alcohol on the metabolism of the body


How not to get fat due to alcohol.

We all know that alcoholic beverages are mostly very high in calories. However, many of us refuse to believe that excessive consumption of alcohol leads to weight gain. How alcohol really affects the figure, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

Despite the fact that some adherents of a healthy lifestyle are sure — calories in alcohol a severe blow on the figure, the real problem is not in the calories. The main danger — in terms that creates ethanol.

Alcohol is a poison to the body, so the latter is trying as quickly as possible to recycle it. But if the body is busy processing alcohol, then there is virtually no energy to burn fat. That’s why fats and carbohydrates that you consume along with alcohol, most likely converted in the extra pounds.

In addition, alcohol increases appetite and reduces the feeling of fullness: in other words, after a few glasses of drink you are likely to eat much more fatty foods than if you indulge in alcohol.

And finally, do not forget that alcohol adversely affects the sense of control. This is one of the reasons ex-smokers, drinking alcohol, reaching for a cigarette. The same thing happens with someone who tries to eat healthy and balanced: if in everyday life you manage to restrain myself not to overeat and not to abuse the junk food, under the influence of alcohol, you will likely go against his prohibitions.