Lidiya Taran responded to rumors of a romance with singer “Boombox”

lidiya taran

The song was written 14 years ago.

Ukrainian TV presenter Lidia Taran commented on the rumors about the novel with the leader of the popular group “Boombox” Andrei Hlavnicka. 14 years ago, fans said that the song Happy End written about it, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Lidiya Taran refers to those celebrities who prefer to hide your personal life away from prying eyes. The same principle adheres to Andrey Khlyvnyuk. In an exclusive interview with Ekaterina Osadchaya for the “high life” TV host decided to tell the truth about their “affair”.

We will note, earlier, when rumors of a special relationship of Andrew and Lydia went through the network, the actor neither denied nor confirmed this information. The presenter is confident that the song Happy End it is not about her, and taken only way. However, RAM noted that in the past they often met at youth parties, where Khlyvnyuk performed.

I think that Andrew is an artist of the highest level and it’s just images. I even comopsite’t heard of it. Then I someone said, “Oh, there’s a song about the news”. This was before the Mesozoic era (laughs – LifeStyle 24). Previously, Andrew was singing at the club “Baboon”. It was a time when all hang out in the evening. We were young, the constant partying, concerts, going somewhere,
commented Lydia Taran.