In the United States the statue of Columbus was drowned in the sea


The incident occurred on the Day of Independence.

Saturday, July 4, activists in Baltimore demolished the statue of Christopher Columbus, and then decided to drown it in the Bay, reports the with reference to Country.

The monument erected in the Little Italy district, first knocked down with a rope, and then rolled towards the city’s port, where dumped in the water.

This time, the city launched fireworks in honor of the holiday. As you know, the Navigator is accused of genocide of the indigenous population of America, demanding to see his legacy.

Earlier we wrote that in the American city of Richmond (located in Virginia), have dismantled a statue of Confederate General Thomas Jackson, also known by the nickname “Stonewall”. It happened after the mayor of the city of Levar Stoney ordered the demolition of all monuments to the heroes of the Confederacy, established in the city.

Earlier we wrote that in the US participants of anti-racist demonstrations dealt with several monuments to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus. In several cities statues have been desecrated or demolished. Protesters cut off the head of Columbus in Boston, drowned the monument in the lake in the Richmond (VA), doused the statue with red paint in Miami and dropped the statue from the pedestal in St. Paul (mn).