In Lviv held the first heart transplant

peresadka serdcza

Also transplanted kidney.

Last night, July 4, at city clinical emergency hospital, Lviv spent three surgeries for heart transplant and two kidney. Lviv was first carried out such an operation. This was announced by the chief doctor of Municipal clinical emergency hospital Lviv Oleg Samchuk, reports the with reference to Comments.

For the last 15 years in Ukraine was conducted only two such operations in the Kovel district hospital in Volyn region.

Samchuk said that the organ donor was a 58-year-old resident of Lviv, which fell from a height and received injuries were not compatible with life. Doctors tried to save the man, but after brain death, the mother and sister of Lviv agreed to a fence of bodies.

Heart transplant took 57-year-old resident of Korosten, which five years ago suffered a heart attack. After the disease the heart has lost its elasticity and could not pump blood.

The heart transplant Lviv surgeons held in conjunction with doctors from the heart Institute, led by cardiac surgeon Boris by Todorova.

A kidney transplant made men from Lviv and Ternopil regions. The operation began after midnight and lasted until eight in the morning.