Dr. Komarovsky has told, how is the “quality” of the child


Komorowski explained, how to raise children

Eugene Komorowski said, what is the “quality” of children from the point of view of economic terminology. And how this is linked to the concept of Nobel laureate Gary Becker. Corresponding post published on the social network Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

“Let’s talk about as a child. This phrase has a different interpretation. Not the one that in the mind of the layman. This term was proposed by Gary Becker — a Nobel laureate in Economics,” — said Komorowski.

The quality of a child is the equivalent of the funds that invested in his health and education. That is, investing in lifestyle, in education and in health, we are getting kids “high” quality. Not investing — on the contrary.

“Note that we are talking about the reasonableness of the expense, and the cost of funds refers to the time of adults. And now, when the time adults are very appreciated when in a unit of time earn quite a lot, people are not willing to have many children and spend much time with them,” commented the doctor.

According to experts, this is the main reason for reduced fertility. And this is neither good nor bad. The child is really advisable to have at that stage of life where you are confident that you will be able to provide not only material goods, but also you will not regret your time and attention.