The MEP told how to dispose of used masks and gloves

The Ministry of natural resources recommends that you use reusable masks

For Ukrainians, there are simple recommendations on how to dispose of used masks and gloves. This was told by Minister of environment protection and natural resources Roman Abramov during a briefing on the situation coronavirus in the country.

“We get a lot of requests for waste management of masks and gloves in the households. We have studied the European experience, decided not to regulate this administrative issue and only give recommendations. In fact, we recommend that the waste of masks and gloves to put in the package, tie it tightly and withstand at home for about 72 hours. This European experience, he is proven, and any administrative and regulatory measures do not give results”, – said the Minister.


Also, he said, the Ministry recommends use of reusable protective mask.

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“I want to clearly distinguish waste formed in medical institutions and they go to recycling only in licensed processing plants, which are clearly controlled by the Ministry of environmental protection. Such waste is disposed according to a certain program and do not represent after disposing of the threat to citizens,” – said Abramov.

We will remind, the European Commission adopted a Directive, according to which the waste arising in the course of life infected with coronavirus patients should be placed in separate bags which must be tied. Used protective clothing, masks and gloves should also be disposed of in a separate garbage bag. If garbage bags are tightly closed, they can be disposed of with normal waste.