The escalation in the Donbas: Ukrainian military wounded


Ukrainian military managed to repel the attacks of the enemy.

For the last day separatists in the Donbas 20 times violated the ceasefire. In the shelling, one Ukrainian soldier was wounded, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that the separatists had used the Minsk agreements prohibited the artillery systems of 122 mm calibre, mortars with 120-and 82-caliber, and grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms.

In the area of responsibility of tactical group near the North Shelled the enemy used artillery systems 122-caliber, firing 40 rounds.

The separatists also fired at the settlements near the southern Railway, Noise, nut, farm Free, Popasnaya and Katerynivka.

In addition, illegal armed groups opened fire and on the village of zaytsevo. The shelling of mortars 82-caliber killed a local resident Bykhov Elena Ivanovna, born 1940.

In the area of responsibility of tactical group East separatists opened fire near Avdiivka, Water, Heaters, Starognatovki and Sand.

During the shelling one of the shells destroyed suburban house, and a fire, burned the neighbor’s house.

“To suppress the firepower of the invaders, our soldiers quickly applied the standard weapons. The response was adequate — then the enemy stopped their activity”, — reported in the headquarters of the OOS.

Since the beginning of the current day once the enemy violated the ceasefire regime for about Katerinovka. Fire was opened from grenade launchers of various systems. Losses among the Ukrainian defenders there.