Scientists have shown how the brain is cleansed of dead cells. Video


The process was videotaped.

American scientists have captured on video, as the brain is cleared of dead neurons. The tests were performed on laboratory mice, reports the with reference to Browser.

As reported by Science Alert, this study may help in the treatment of age-related disorders of the brain and neurological disorders. Future work should show how the purification of the brain, then scientists will be better able to carry out the diagnosis.

In their study, the researchers studied glial cells, which are responsible for performing the cleaning work of the brain. In the work of the specialists used a technique called 2Phatal, to influence one brain cell to apoptosis (cell death) in mouse, and then followed the route of glial cells using fluorescent markers.

“Instead of hitting people on the head with a hammer and cause thousands of deaths, prompting the death of a single cell allows us to study what happens immediately after the cells begin to die, and observe many other attracted cells. This was not possible previously. We are able with great clarity to show you what is happening and understand the process,” explained neurologist Game Grutzendler.

The study noted that if one type of glial cells for any reason will miss the dead neurons and other cell types will assume their role in the process of waste management, proposing between glial cells is some connection.

The scientists also added that in the course of the study it was found that the brain of older mice were less effective in the removal of dead nerve cells.