Orlando bloom shared a tender image of a pregnant bride

orlando blum

The couple is expecting a baby.

Orlando bloom said that his bride feels great. Very soon she will give the actor of the child, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to showdream.org.

Orlando bloom never ceases to marvel at his fiancee Katy Perry though, because she always remains herself. The actor said that the singer, who is now already in the third trimester of pregnancy (that is to say, the finish line), feels great.

“You would not even know she is pregnant, gives only the belly. She is a force of nature” — with a laugh said Orlando during an interview with the Associated Press.

His future wife Orlando admired after a couple of days after she told me about the personal crisis of 2017, during which time she seriously thought to take your life.

orlando blum2

Katie, recall, said in an interview with SiriusXM CBC that after her breakup with Orlando and the failure of her album Witness considered the option of suicide.

“My career was on this path when she climbed higher and higher, and then I had a very small shift, from almost not noticeable. But for me it was a disaster. I gave so much and it literally broke me in half,” admitted the girl.

“I was devastated, but gathered a completely new way. And become more balanced, not hungry for fame pop star,” said Katie.