Niece trump threatens to issue a book about him

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The book may be out three months before the presidential election in the United States.

The niece of the President of the United States Mary tramp in court trying to get permission for the release of his book, which intends to publish negative data about the head of the White house, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

We are talking about the book Too much and never enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world (Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man). Its description in the online stores, notes that the author intends to “shed light on dark history” of the family of the current American leader.

The younger brother of the head of administration of the USA Robert trump wants the court banned the publication of the book, which is scheduled for the end of July.

The niece of the current head of the White house claims that relatives went to deceive, to convince her to sign a confidentiality agreement. Says 55-year-old Mary trump, her two uncles and aunt lied to her about the true value of the inheritance. “I relied on a false assessment, which provided me with uncle and aunt, and would never have agreed to anything if they knew the true value of assets”, — the newspaper quoted the defendant.

The court in Poughkeepsie (state of new York) this week granted the petition of Robert trump and temporarily banned from publishing a book. But this decision overturned the court of appeal, taking into account the fact that the publishing house Simon and Schuster has published about 75 thousand copies of the book and has already started to accept pre-orders. However, the receipt books on sale still under question, said the newspaper.

Previously portal The Daily Beast reported that Mary trump in the book will tell about his role in the investigation of the newspaper the New York Times. The publication claimed that Donald trump is using tax schemes awarded more than $400 million in terms of today’s prices out of business his father Fred trump in real estate.

Mary is the daughter of trump Fred trump, Jr. He suffered from alcoholism and died in 1981 at the age of 42 from a heart attack. According to The Daily Beast, the niece of the head of state accused the book of Donald and Fred trump’s involvement in the death of her father. It is expected that the book of Mary trump will be issued approximately three months before the presidential election in the United States.