In the center of Kiev youth staged a fight with shooting


TLL the crowd.

On Saturday morning, about 4:00 o’clock near Bessarabska square in Kyiv (“arena city”), a crowd of young people staged a showdown that ended with the shooting. As a result of incident there are victims, reports the with reference to Country.

“The fight with the shooting at 04;00 in the morning in the heart of the city – in the Arena, which is Bessarabka. Just a crowd of young people who are fighting among themselves. There are victims”, — stated in the message.

It is clarified that at the moment the cause of the conflict is unknown. Published footage shows that the scene of the incident almost immediately there arrived militiamen.

Earlier we wrote that in Kiev arrested the bully, who climbed onto the bus, threw a rock through the window and hit the head of the older woman. The incident occurred June 9: the guy climbed the technical ladder trolley, and received appropriate comment from the driver. In response, he smashed the window of the transport of the stone, which landed in the head of the pensioner.