Fatal accident near Kiev: at the traffic light, three vehicles collided


The driver of one truck had to be cut from the flattened cabin.

At the entrance to Kiev on Saturday morning, July 4, there was a collision of two trucks. In the accident one of the drivers died, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that the collision occurred on the highway Zhitomir to Kiev.

“Previously, the driver of the DAF barely rolled, stopping at traffic lights, and at that moment received a powerful blow in the back. It drove the driver of the other trucks Iveco. The Iveco driver has clamped in salon, cut it out rescuers of gschs, but when it was handed to the doctors – they pronounced him dead. In the place of the accident, there is a stopper”, — stated in the message.

Militiamen do not exclude that the driver of one of the wagons fell asleep at the wheel.