Which countries are ready to accept Ukrainian travellers

otrytye strany

What is important to know the travelers.

In connection with the summer tourist season some of the country open entry for citizens of Ukraine, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

In most States, including European, Ukrainians still can not get. However, vengeance is possible to relax in those countries where Ukrainians used to spend the summer vacation.

Here is the list of countries open to visit and tell how things are going with the others.

Where to travel without restrictions

Consular service of Ukraine published an interactive map to help travelers. It marked the modes of entry for Ukrainians. Green — access granted to all yellow for specific categories, orange is prohibited.

Какие страны открыли границы для Украины

Absolutely no restrictions (or no restrictions for tourists) now you can enter in nine countries. Three of them are popular among Ukrainians tourist destination.

Turkey. At the airport all arrivals will be examined for the presence of symptoms Covid. In case they are found for free is the PCR test. Be sure to have an insurance policy on Covid-19, which can be purchased online, from a tour operator when purchasing tickets and at the airport in Turkey upon arrival.

If the test is positive, you will need to go to the isolation in a special room of the hotel.

Egypt. From July 1 entry is allowed. But to return to Ukraine will have to undergo a mandatory 14-day self-isolation, as Egypt is among the countries with high levels of infection.

Albania. Check-in is allowed, the quarantine measures are not provided.

Croatia. Those who booked the hotel or other accommodation — that is, tourists without restrictions. Free of entry yet (see below).

Afghanistan. Check-in is allowed.

Tajikistan. Check-in is allowed.

Serbia. Check-in is allowed.

Zambia. Check-in is allowed.

Tanzania. Check-in is allowed.

Entry restrictions to European countries and USA

Romania. Permitted the entry of family members of Romanian citizens or member countries of the EU, holders of long or work visa, transit passengers, travelers, for reasons of an extraordinary nature and those in need of international protection.

Poland. There as before it is possible to enter for those who have a residence permit or a work permit or an invitation from the employer. Since July 1, Poland had to cancel the mandatory quarantine for arriving from Ukraine, but due to the growth in the number of cases in our country, Warsaw decided to wait.

From undergoing quarantine after crossing the border was released only some categories of Ukrainians. It is the students different forms of learning, the students of the universities post-graduate education, graduate students who document prove at the border that the training in Poland.

Will be released from mandatory quarantine of members of diplomatic missions, representatives of international organizations and their family members, EU citizens and their immediate families, residents of other EU countries that transit through Poland.

Croatia. Without tourism purposes are allowed entry to health care workers, caregivers for elderly persons, persons who need urgent medical care, carriers, police officers in the performance of their duties, representatives of international organizations and international military contingents to carry out its functions.

Montenegro. Assuming the negative result of PCR test for coronavirus, over the last 48 hours (details about the test, which requires Ukraine to visit Montenegro read here).

Greece. Allowed to enter for the Ukrainians, who have residence permit in Greece (for a complete list of requirements Greeks for arriving aliens).

UK. Entry is allowed with a valid visa.

Ireland. Holders of Irish visas cleared. The citizens of Ukraine travelling to Ireland with the purpose of tourism, you can enter if you have a multiple UK visa. In this case, the first country of entry should be UK.

Germany. Entry for citizens of Ukraine who are family members of EU nationals or UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) — for the purpose of transit to the country of residence. Also Ukrainians who are eligible for long-term stay in the member States of the EU, provided that they return to the place of usual residence.
And citizens of Ukraine, who perform important functions (diplomats, members of crews of aircraft, the participants of cargo transportation, etc.).

France. Only the Ukrainians, who have a residence permit or a long-term visa or to members of families of French citizens.

Spain. The entry is permitted only for the following categories of Ukrainian citizens: holders of long term visas issued by one of the countries-EU members, health care workers, caregivers for the elderly, carriers of cargo, crew members of ships and aircraft, diplomats. employees of international organizations and humanitarian missions, students studying in Spain and having a study permit or visa,
highly skilled workers arriving to perform urgent works which cannot be postponed or carried out remotely. As well as individuals that are documented to confirm the presence of immediate family circumstances
or entry due to force majeure.

Portugal. Check-in is allowed for the following categories of Ukrainian citizens: holders of a temporary/permanent residence in Portugal (Cartão de Residência), diplomats, members of crews of aircraft carriers, those who designed the pre-national long-term visa at the Embassy of Portugal in Ukraine with the purpose of employment/study/family reunion.

Italy. Entry is prohibited, except the Ukrainians, who have a residence permit in Italy.

Lithuania. Check-in is allowed for a limited circle of Ukrainians. While in Vilnius, Ukrainians allowed with a permit for temporary or permanent residence (leidimas gyventi), winners of the Lithuanian national visas, spouses or children of Lithuanian citizens or the spouses or children of foreigners having a residence permit. As well as holders of residence permit in EU countries, the UK, if in this country the rate of new cases of infection of the coronavirus within the last 14 days do not exceed 25 cases per 100 thousand population. A list of such countries, the Lithuanian Ministry of health updates every Monday.

To enter can the crew members working in Lithuanian companies engaged in international commercial transportation, diplomats, members of international organizations and their families, the artists participating in professional events, journalists arriving with the permission of the Minister of foreign Affairs, physicians.

USA. The access granted to the Ukrainians, who have a valid U.S. visa. The entry for citizens who intend to fly to the country of transit flights through Schengen countries, UK, Ireland, China, Iran, Brazil or were there within the last 14 days. This does not apply to holders of “green cards” who come back from Ukraine.

Entry to the CIS countries

Belarus. Entry is allowed to all citizens of Ukraine, but on arrival you need to pass the 14-day isolation at home. The requirement does not apply to drivers-truckers

Moldova. Permitted the entry of family members of citizens of Moldova, holders of long-term visa, residence permit, drivers-carriers in the case of transit foreigners entering the country for the purpose of treatment or rehabilitation (if required).

East, Asia, Africa

Thailand. Since July 1, allowed foreigners, including Ukrainians, who have working visa, residence permits, and students.

Iran. The entry of citizens of Ukraine are allowed with a visa. It can be obtained at the international airports of Iran.

Iraq. Entry is permitted with a visa

South Sudan. Entry is permitted when the presence of certificate about the test for the coronavirus and the passage of the 14-day observation

Ethiopia. Entry is permitted with a visa and consent to the observation.

Complete information about whether the Ukrainian citizens to visit the country, a foreign Consulate in Ukraine. When planning your trip to pay for the tickets and other expenses, better to call and clarify whether you are allowed to check what the health requirements on arrival.

To be safe so it is better for the reason that now unscrupulous operators sell tours to the countries where Ukrainians can’t go.