Unique electric car for 150 thousand euros was put up for sale


British sports car AC Cobra turned into an electric car.

In this case the conversion carried out by the manufacturer and will now sell this model for 153 000 euros, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

New electric car called the AC Cobra Series 1 Electric and will be prepared in the amount of 58 specimens. The high cost and limited circulation suggests that new product designed for real enthusiasts.

It is noteworthy that externally the electric car AC Cobra looks the same as nearly 60 years ago. This is the main advantage of this model in the eyes of customers, including a standard version with a petrol V8.

Under classic shell hides the electric capacity of 308 HP and 500 Nm of peak torque. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes just 6.7 s, and the battery pack with a capacity of 54 kWh will allow to overcome a little over 240 km on a single charge.

Weight spectacular electric car in retro style fit into a beautiful figure of 1250 kg. For a small sports Roadster weight is quite large, but considering the heavy battery, engineers have done a great job.