The “LC” in the auto grenade exploded: there are victims. Video


In Rovenky threw a grenade in the car.

In the suburbs the movie Rovenky, Luhansk oblast, on temporarily uncontrolled territories of Ukraine threw a grenade into “representatives of the interior Ministry”. Video of the incident published Denis Kazan on Twitter, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Rovenky “LC police” raided the home to “veteran militia” and tried to confiscate his Arsenal of weapons. Anti-fascist to disarm and did not want to blow up the grenade. The result — two dead,” — said in the caption to the video.

According to Headquarters operations of joint forces, it was the third attempt of detention. The incident occurred on June 28.

“While hunting on his deserter, he went on a shooting spree and shot two of the so-called “policemen”, tried to remove and hide the bodies, cutting off their limbs, in order that the body fits in the trunk. The so-called “police” sent on the second attempt to arrest the members of “battalion of special forces Berkut”. “The volunteer” did not want to go back to the illegal armed groups that opened fire on the “Berkut” from RPGs and threw grenades. Those shamefully fled, leaving weapons. To hold furious deserter could only the third group, when he was no longer something to fight,” — said in the message.

Attention! In the video there is profanity. Video 18+