Smoliy said the reasons for his resignation

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Obligations of the Chairman of the Board will perform the first Deputy Smoliy, Ekaterina Rozhkova.

The resigned Chairman of the NBU Yakov Smoliy explained the essence of his statement about the “political pressure”. He told about it during the online meeting of the members of the Board of the NBU with business, reports the with reference to Country.

In particular, the signs of political pressure on the NBU resin called approved by the Committee of Parliament on Finance a draft decree on the assessment of the head of the NBU, lawsuits and decisions, and also submitted to the constitutional court of Ukraine on compliance of the Constitution of the banking law, which is necessary for the IMF (it was served 64 people’s deputies of Ukraine — Ed.).

“Thus deputies want to disrupt the cooperation with the IMF, only the approval of this law was a beacon of our current program — and want to “help” in the struggle for “Privat” — said resin.

Another element of pressure, he called the frequent public criticism of the regulator from the side of the NBU Council and an attempt to discredit the Board of the NBU Council head Bohdan Danylyshyn.

“We see a direct political motivation behind the positions and actions of some individual members of the NBU Council, particularly the head. I remind you that the head of the Council has repeatedly and publicly expressed its position regarding negotiations with the former owners of “PrivatBank” de facto for the return of their already healthy Bank, which the state capitalized” — added resin.

He also recalled the unfounded, according to the NBU, the failure to make the agenda of the meeting of the NBU Council on 30 June, the extension of powers of the Deputy head of the Board of the national Bank Oleg Churia, cadence which ends on July 10.

“With all the pressure that we live for more than a year, when the white say black, when low inflation is a “catastrophe for Ukraine,” cannot continue to do the things we do. This is my challenge in order to preserve the independence of the Central Bank to maintain the institutional capacity, which we tried to survive”, — concluded the head of the NBU.

Resin also said that after his resignation, according to the law on the NBU, the obligations of the Chairman of the Board will be fulfilled by his first Deputy Ekaterina Rozhkova.