Scientists have discovered a rapidly spreading mutation of the coronavirus


It has become increasingly common.

An international team of researchers has discovered a new mutation of coronavirus and named it G614. It spreads faster, but at the same time not worsen patients ‘ health condition in comparison with the usual form Covid-19, reports the with reference to Country.

“Our global data shows that the G614 option spread faster in spanovich proteins (spiky protuberances on the surface of the virus — Ed.), than D614. In our understanding, this means that the virus is likely to be more contagious,” writes in the report of the biologist-theorist Bette Korber from Los Alamos national laboratory.

As established scientists, the mutation affects the residual protein — a structure that the virus uses to enter the cells that it infects. Now, researchers tested the possibility of controlling new forms Covid-19 with a vaccine aimed at spickovy protein.

It is noted that the researchers argue that a new mutation almost completely replaced the original version (D614), which spread first to Europe and then to USA and other parts of the world.

“Until March 1, 2020 option G614 were rare outside Europe, but at the end of March the frequency of occurrence has increased throughout the world,” — say scientists.

“The virus is likely to become more infectious. But interestingly, we found no evidence of influence G614 on the severity of the disease,” — noted American biologists.

Professor-oncologist at the British University of Warwick Lawrence young says that is good news. “It is hoped that as the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2, he may become less pathogenic,” he says.

The researchers note that the mutated version of coronavirus propagated faster in the upper respiratory tract, particularly the nose and throat. “This may explain why the disease is easier,” the scientists conclude.