Regina todorenko remembered the wedding and congratulated her husband on the anniversary


Leading confessed to her husband feelings.

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov year ago were officially husband and wife and on 3 July they celebrate the first anniversary cotton wedding, for the past year, the pair managed to pass a lot of tests on the strength of the family and showed that they’re a real solid team. So leading has published a romantic video with an Italian wedding ceremony under a new track of his girlfriend Alina Astrovskii – “Second pilot”, which, incidentally, was among the guests, reports the with reference to RBC.

Under heartfelt video Regina left a poignant post with a bit of humor, and confessed to her husband in love.

“The people believe that the first year of marriage is remarkable extremely active Bridal in bed, which actually leads to wear gingham bed linen to the state of Marley’s” So if anyone wants to congratulate, give linen, and for the gauze of sleep. Love, Vlad Topalov, we did it, even if not perfect, but it did! We are very different, but that our life becomes more interesting. My man, my protector, my love, thank you for this rich, filled with awesome events of the year! I love you!” — confessed to her husband the feelings of Regina.

Recall that in early July last year, the pair got married – the celebration lasted several days starting from July 2. And 3 July on the Mediterranean sea in Sorrento was itself a ceremony. Specially for honeymooners, the singer’s sister, Alina, which organizes wedding receptions, rented a luxury Villa Astor.

Regina managed to change three outfits, one of them, Juliet dress, were made to order specifically for leading. His master did in record time – in just three weeks. The star of “the eagle and Tails” promised that the outfit will become a family value and she will certainly see him as a daughter and even a granddaughter.