Named medicinal properties of different types of herbal teas

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They perform different functions.

Herbal teas have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years as natural cures for many diseases, and although our ancestors did not know why these plants so well, they know how to use them and knew some secrets which are not solved even today, reports the with reference to Toneto.

Modern medicine made us to forget all the benefits that are contained in natural resources. Well, it’s time to rediscover good old ways, because the best way to keep your health is to live in harmony with nature, to be part of it and to enjoy its rich resources. We offer you the magnificent seven herbal teas that will help you feel better.

1. Chamomile tea

Feel stressed out? If the stress at the stress, you feel that here-here will break, drink a Cup of chamomile tea. It will help you to calm down, but it’s not the only thing capable of chamomile tea. You see, besides the fact that chamomile is a natural, completely safe antidepressant, it also helps you finally sleep. And chamomile is a powerful, 100% natural anti-inflammatory medicine that can be used in different ways for different diseases: to drink, to inhale the vapors or moisten a cotton swab and apply on the affected place.

2. Mint tea

There are so many products that contribute to gas formation and bloating, and so few that are with this problem effectively cope. This disgusting bloating makes you feel like a failure to the inflated balloon, the stomach is increased if you gained 5 pounds! What should I do? Would have to go on a diet, which will require a week or two torture yourself with hunger. But there is another option – it is simple, enjoyable and rewarding, why don’t you drink a Cup of mint tea? This delicious and refreshing drink will help you quickly deal with any bloating! And if you add in tea a few fennel seeds, you will double the wonderful effects of the drink.

3. Tea from juniper

If you have never tried tea from a juniper, it’s time finally to try. In addition to the magnificent taste of the taiga, warming and fragrant drink, you get a powerful cleansing the body of toxins. The miraculous properties of juniper associated with efficient elimination of toxins from the body, and it flushes out excess fluids, which is especially useful for people suffering from edema. And more good news for women: body retains water during your period, which causes a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the abdomen, as juniper tea can help to deal with it. The second good news is that this amazing tea is also an antiseptic, which is recommended to drink for the prevention of urinary tract infections and even treat them. Some experts believe that the juniper tea can be used as a preventive measure against swine flu.

4. Green tea

This is the most powerful source of antioxidants and help in the fight against excess weight. If you have again the question is what to drink: latte, cappuccino, espresso… do Not hesitate to choose the green tea! It not only speeds up your metabolism and helps to throw off those extra pounds, but also improve your immunity. Precious antioxidants of green tea help our body to work effectively and be in health, stress, air pollution, bad food, and other disgusting things, which are so abundant in modern life.

5. Ginger tea

Motion sickness can ruin a vacation anyone. A half an hour of fun, and you can no longer enjoy a river cruise, road trip or Cycling. You don’t have the courage to go on a trip to another city, or go to another country by train or plane. Yes, of course you can take pills and hygienic big bag, but you can do something better — drink a Cup of ginger tea! Fragrant, warming, unsurpassed ginger tea will help to relieve the unpleasant urges your belly and faster to get to his feet. Next time just take with you a thermos of ginger tea.

6. Tea made from milk Thistle and dandelion

The liver is the only organ that has the ability to regenerate itself. Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that we allow ourselves to do, which is unacceptable. But the reserves of this second heart of our body is not endless. Love your liver, help her to bring all those harmful substances that it filters out so carefully. As a way of solving this problem is simple and delicious at the same time. Why not to try? You can drink tea from milk Thistle or dandelion tea – what you like. But experts say that the combination of these two teas works twice as good. You can use this recipe when you feel that you have overeaten. Drink tea before you reach for a pill.

7. Melissa tea

Melissa contains large amounts of antioxidants, but, unlike green tea, Melissa tea helps to gain weight. Yes, you heard right, there are people who want to get better. Now lack of appetite does not threaten you, drink tea with lemon balm, and soon you will feel strong hunger pangs. He’s like an alarm clock for the stomach – lifting! Let’s go to digest food! Isn’t that a good solution to feed the child with poor appetite?..