“Hitting the air defense system”: in the rocket teams carried out large-scale searches

Investigators accused officials of serious irregularities in the purchase of equipment for anti-aircraft missile complexes

Air defense system (PVO) of Ukraine was under threat due to the investigative actions of the security forces. Three military units of antiaircraft missile brigade of the APU State Bureau of investigation conducts searches and have already taken an important equipment.


About it reports a press-service of the Air forces in Facebook.

“RRT deals another blow to the air defense system of the country. Day anti-aircraft missile troops, which will be celebrating tomorrow, July 3, the State Bureau of investigation makes another “gift” defenders of the sky. 1 July, anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Air force (military unit А2860) representatives of the investigative Department of the territorial administration of RRT in Khmelnytskyi. On the basis of the decision of the court of Khmelnitsky in the framework of criminal proceedings No. 62020240000000492, investigators, GBR drawn up inspection and seized four microwave devices (klystrons) and the appropriate accompanying documentation”, – stated in the message.

Military explained that the investigators accused officials of serious irregularities in the procurement of klystrons. They also pointed out that the court allowed only to inspect a military unit, but don’t repossess the equipment.

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Also the demonstrations in the brigade air defense in Odessa (in/h 2800 gearcase for) and Kherson (in/h А1836) regions.

“It seems that someone’s planned action aimed at undermining the defence capabilities of the state. At a time when the border with Ukraine, the enemy deploys a huge group of troops within a large-scale military exercises “Caucasus-2020″, where even openly played out a scenario of a full-scale offensive in Ukraine, state institutions afford such things”, – complain in the Air force.

Taken microwave devices are one of the main elements of the guidance system of anti-aircraft missile complexes to the target. The military noted that the absence of the seized equipment may lead to undesirable consequences and increase the recovery time of military equipment, which covers airspace and strategic facilities of the country.

Earlier, we showed spectacular footage of large-scale exercises of the air defense forces. Ukrainian troops have intensified after Russia lifted the aircraft near the Ukrainian border. The military has shown how they will defend Ukrainian skies from enemy invasion.