Five most anticipated TV shows of July. Video


New ribbon for all occasions.

This month on the popular streaming services out a lot of interesting new films, so you will have something to do on the weekend. The audience expects a documentary about paranormal phenomena, a new adaptation of the Arthurian legends and a lot of other things, reports the with reference to Comments.

Unsolved mystery

1 Jul on the streaming platform Netflix launched a documentary series “Unsolved mysteries”. The story tells about the real stories of murders and other crimes, and also about paranormal phenomena and missing people.


For the fantasy lovers of July 2, issued a series called “Nun-warrior”. The plot is a young girl Eva that when he awoke in the morgue, discover they have superpowers. Now the main heroine to enter into a deadly battle between good and evil.

Brave new world

July 15, the screen comes American science fiction television series “brave new world”, filmed on the eponymous book 1932 by Aldous Huxley. The story will take viewers to London — in the distant future, where society is divided into castes, and all problems are solved with the help of synthetic drugs — soma. But one day, two residents of the city are outside and get into the epicenter of the revolt against the system.


On July 17 Netflix starts an American drama web series “Cursed”. It’s a teenage story of fantasy, offers a look at the legend of Arthur from a new angle. The main character goes in search of the wizard Merlin to give him the old sword, but her way will not be easy.

Alienist: the angel of darkness

The second season of the American crime drama series “Alienist: the angel of darkness” is set for release on July 19. He will tell about a series of brutal murders that occurred in new York in the nineteenth century. The police understand that faced with this maniac and sends in its Wake an unusual team.