The dollar jumped because of the resignation of Smoliy


The cause of the collapse of the hryvnia.

The currency market reacted emotionally to a statement by the Chairman of the national Bank of Yakov Smoliy resignation. July 2, currency trading on the interbank market started with the collapse of the hryvnia and the rise in the us dollar by 32 kopecks — up to 27,23 UAH/$, reports the with reference to Country.

“Trading on non-cash currency market started within 27,18-27,23 UAH/$, and then quotes went to of 27.15-27,22 UAH/$. Already by 10:30 they descended by 27.17-27,20 UAH/$, and by 11:30 was fixed at 27,18-27,20 UAH/$,” — said the Director of Treasury Bank Credit Dnepr Oleg Kurinnoy.

Small market pullback explained by only one factor — the support of the National Bank. Controller with the morning came to the market with the sale of $100 million At the start of trading were not sellers of the currency, and the NBU was the first. Knocked the hype.

“Yesterday, it was clear that the interbank market will react to the statement of James V. of resignation, he mentioned the political pressures on the national Bank. So the appreciation of the dollar was predictable. But it should be noted the output of the NBU with the sale of the dollar, which eased the situation. After it appeared at the auction and other currency vendors, and the situation can be normalized. I don’t think the dollar now goes away, but it can be fixed on the current values 27.18-27,20 UAH/$, and do not go up,” commented financial analyst Vasyl nevmerzhytskiy.

Of course, major exporters and currency speculators will try to squeeze out of the buildup of the foreign exchange market more. That is, interbank quotes can go up/down — in the framework of 27.15-27, and 25 UAH/$.