The basic habits that help to lose weight


They really work.

If we talk about the technical side of the question, to lose a few pounds, for example, after spending two days on apples, yogurt, and even coffee with a cigarette. True, there are at least three “but”. First, you will lose not the fat and muscle mass, and secondly, these “diet” is extremely unhealthy and finally dropped pounds come back very quickly, taking a couple extra, reports the with reference to

And long-term weight loss with a health benefits implies a balanced diet and following certain rules.

Very simple and effective rules told by the dietician Larissa Butkova.

1. Drink water

Water removes toxins, speeds up metabolism, and. in addition, fills the stomach: after drinking a glass of water you will eat much less. There is also this point: many people confuse hunger with thirst, and after drinking a glass of water, surprised to find that there are no longer want.

There are two basic rules. First, we are not talking about soda, coffee and juice, but about ordinary clean drinking water. Secondly, drink water properly, keeping the drinking regime: a glass of water upon waking, and then a glass of water half an hour before each meal and an hour afterwards.

2. Don’t drink your calories

This is a continuation of the first paragraph. When nutritionists suggest not to drink calories, it’s not just about a sweet soda, but also juices, sweet yoghurts, milk, etc.

But what about the recommendation , for example, as a snack to drink a glass of buttermilk?

Nutritionists explain: here the key word is “as a snack”. Any drink that has a taste, it’s not “water”, and the food!

3. Do not overdo it with sunflower oil

The oil in the salad, do not pour from the bottle, and measure with a spoon, preferably tea. Otherwise, generously splashing the salad with healthy olive oil, you can flick of the wrist to turn from an easy dinner in a dish contains a quarter of the daily calorie intake.

You want to cook on a dry pan or on the oil drop. Drop – it’s not a puddle and not a lake. It’s not more than a quarter of a teaspoon, spread on sarode silicone brush.

4. Forget about the catering and convenience food

Ready dumplings and pancakes, soups and stews, sausages – it’s not your diet. The problem is that in all of these dishes too much fat, hidden sugar and other not very healthy ingredients that you can’t even imagine.

With the food all the same.

5. Eat bran

Peremola in a coffee grinder, add bran to meals – pies, meatballs, sauces, salads. They contain carbohydrates almost not absorbed, but swelled in the stomach and intestines, allow bran to eat faster and last longer to prolong the feeling of satiety. But do not get carried away: the recommended rate is no more than 25 grams a day.

6. Do not read after eating

And browse social networks, watch TV series, etc. Is very distracting and result in you not feeling the point of saturation, will eat much more than you need.

7. Don’t eat foods just so they don’t spoil

Many people have habit to eat food for the child, and then husband, or to eat up the food from the refrigerator simply because “tomorrow they’ll be ruined”. Don’t do this, because your stomach is not a trash can. Understand a simple thing: you discard these products immediately or before that “pass” through itself – they still go to the toilet. Only the second case will leave your sides of the extra pounds.

So the best way is, just next time not to buy and not to make too much.