Stepanov told how fine the Ukrainians for no mask

stepanov 2

Ukrainians were encouraged to wear masks in public places.

In the absence of protective masks in public places in Ukraine people can be fined up to 255 UAH. The fine for legal persons for the violation of quarantine rules — up to 5 000 UAH, reports the with reference to Country.

This was at the briefing on Thursday, 2 July, said Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov.

“Yesterday approved a bill (at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers — Ed.) regarding amendments to the Code of adminrechte, he reglamentary the establishment of appropriate penalties for not wearing the masks. It is assumed that for individuals, the fines will range from 170 to 255 UAH for legal entities that are owners or food service establishments, sports facilities or shops, if you do not comply with quarantine requirements and do not enforce mask mode in their respective rooms, the fine will be from 3 400 to 5 100 UAH UAH”, — said Stepanov.

The Minister expressed hope that MPs will support the initiative of the Cabinet, and reminded citizens about the need to follow the simple rules — wear mask in public places, to observe social distance, use of antiseptics.

The government on 12 March in Ukraine has introduced a quarantine to combat the spread of coronavirus infection. In particular, it has been stopped working underground in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro, traffic in the cities. The first easing of the quarantine started in Ukraine on may 11. From 22 of may in Ukraine announced the next stage of easing of the quarantine. The Cabinet of Ministers decided on the establishment of adaptive quarantine in Ukraine from 22 may to 22 June. 17 June, the government has extended the adaptive quarantine until July 31.

For the past day in Ukraine was 889 new cases Covid-19, 505 recovered, 12 people died. In Ukraine 45 887 laboratory-confirmed cases COVID-19.