State of emergency in Gelezniy Port: three year old child was swept from the mattress

utonul rebenok

The child failed to save.

In the Kherson area on the beach where allowed to relax during the quarantine, in the Iron Port of the three-year girl who arrived at the resort with her grandmother and her boyfriend, reports the with reference for Today.

As reported by the state service for emergency situations, the tragedy occurred on July 1.

“The girl was on the mattress with an adult. At some point the baby wave blew off the mattress into the water. Unfortunately, she was found and pulled to the surface, irreversible,” — said the rescuers.

In DSNs stressed that the death of the child occurred on the first day of stay at the resort.

“Upon the death of the child by the staff of the national police opened criminal proceedings”, — stated in the message.

Rescuers have given a number of important tips children of the sea, which will make the stay in the resorts as safe as possible:

— never lose your kids out of sight while swimming in the sea: as a rule, in the case of an unexpected situation in the water, children are confused and don’t always have the time to begin to scream and call for help;

— toddlers up to three years is generally not necessary to let in independent swimming;

— children under the age of one need to keep in the water only on the hands;

— do not sail from the coast with young children to mattress, it is better to take them for a ride along the coast, it is desirable for the child to wear an inflatable life jacket or floaties – these items can play an important role in saving the lives of children;

— holidays with children, do not allow yourself to drink alcohol.