Science has disproved the myths about the dangers of vaccination for child development


Adverse reactions are not harmful in the long run.

A new study has shown that there are no differences in the results of the development and behavior of children in which there was a reaction after vaccination, and children who never had. Scientists called this information is very important and convincing for people who are questioning vaccination, reports the with reference to the Channel 24

A seizure associated with fever is called febrile seizure.

Febrile convulsion can occur after vaccination and, for obvious reasons, can greatly scare parents. It can also lead to the fact that parents will lose confidence in future vaccinations. Now they will be happy to hear that febrile convulsion after vaccination does not affect the development of the child
said the study’s author Lucy Deng.

The results of the study

The study compared 62 children who have a seizure associated with fever in the two weeks after vaccination, with 70 children with a seizure associated with a fever, for another reason, and 90 children without a history of convulsions.

Cognitive, motor and speech functions in children were checked by certified professionals to assess the development, who did not know the history of the court of the child. Their behavior was also assessed through questionnaires completed by parents. Children with convulsions were examined within one to two years after the attack.

The researchers found no differences in development, thinking, or behavior between children who had febrile convulsions after vaccination and those who had febrile convulsions at another time, or those who have never had seizures.