Minister of healthcare of New Zealand retired for a picnic on the beach

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David Clarke violated the regime of self-isolation.

Health Minister of New Zealand David Clark, twice violated the regime of self-isolation during the quarantine, announced that he is retiring, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“David decided that his presence on this post only distract from the measures taken by the government to combat the coronavirus, and broader reforms in the health sector”, − said the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

She also said that it had accepted the resignation Clark, filed 1 Jul.

Before the parliamentary elections on 19 September, the vacant post will take the Minister of education Chris Hipkins.

Recall that after the introduction of the March 25 national quarantine in New Zealand Clark violated the regime of self-isolation: during Cycling in the Park and a family picnic on the beach.

The Prime Minister refused to dismiss him on the background of the pandemic. For violation of quarantine, the Minister of health was deprived of the post of assistant Minister of Finance, which he held concurrently, and also downgraded to the lowest rank in the Cabinet.