Betting on DotA: how to make fans of the popular game


Long gone are the days when the fascination with computer games did not bring anything but banal relaxation. Now fans of the popular game Dota 2 unable to convert their knowledge about the game world in real money. Thanks to the site dotacraft.rubetting on DotA is available to everyone.

You can combine pleasant with useful. Watch the live stream with the most interesting fights and popular tournaments, just react to changes in the game space and winning bets based on their knowledge!

Why choose Dota 2

ESports involves a large number of exciting games, each of which is potentially profitable. However, Dota 2 in this respect stands alone. This multiplayer game is very well developed in the CIS. It is difficult to find a youth representative who would have not heard about it.

To bet on the Bunker is convenient, because the game has a live-line sportsbooks are not greedy, offer high limits and great odds. Big tournaments attract thousands of fans from around the world. At this time, to be part of this community particularly interesting.

Another advantage is that you can bet not only on real money but in game things.


On what options you can bet

In order not to lose money in vain, do not blindly rely only on luck. It is important to connect the logic to find the optimal rate. In Dota 2 you can make the following bets:

  • The main outcome. Will choose the team most likely to win;
  • The number of murders on the game map;
  • Bet with cash rates;
  • Handicap murders on the map. To bet will have to start an epic battle.
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    Betting strategy in DotA

    Of course, before you risk real money, is to understand the important aspects that will help not to do anything stupid. The analysis will be subjected to the following aspects:

    • The level of team play, its a game;
    • How often we play a team;
    • Statistics of success and failure of teams, etc.

    We should distinguish this aspect as the style of play. It is especially important for those who bet on the total of murders and odds. Thus, countries from Eastern Europe and South-East Asia play a more aggressive and spontaneous. They are characterized by a greater number of murders on the map. Which is not true of the countries of Western Europe. Teams from this region once again not going to risk and stick to a predetermined plan. Often the first half of the game they spend the most relaxed.

    It is important to understand that outcomes of events are myriad. Sometimes even the best analysts can more or less accurately predict the outcome of a virtual fight. Especially when they play two relatively equal forces command.

    Inexperienced punters should not rely on luck and the fact that “beginners luck”. The more you know about the game, the more chances you have to get out of it a winner. Of course, beginning to be difficult to understand all the subtleties. Will help to start with profits the experts who share their predictions and analyses of the teams. All the details about the features of Bunkers can be found on