The number of cases per day is falling: there were new data on coronavirus in Ukraine

Cure COVID-19 in Ukraine has managed more than 19 thousand people

The epidemic of coronavirus infection has lowered the rate of spread in Ukraine. In the last day, June 30, the country found 664 new infections. This was during a briefing said health Minister of Ukraine Maksym Stepanov.


“For last days ill 664 people, including 32 children and 44 medic. Was hospitalized 177. It recorded 14 deaths. While recovered 433 patient. Just for all the time of a pandemic, sick 44 998 people, of which 270 3 children and 7 765 physicians. While only recovered 19 548 people, and deaths – 1173”, – he said.

Stepanov noted that yesterday there have been 22 298 tests, including 10 053 by PCR and 12 245 using ELISA tests.

Most new cases found in the Lviv region (+143). Also dramatically increased the number of patients in Kyiv (+101). In the Rivne and Zakarpattya oblasts for the last day of the same number of new cases COVID-19 (+72).


In 10 regions of new cases less than ten, and in the Zaporozhye, Lugansk and Sumy infected with the coronavirus during the day is not revealed.

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine needs to be prepared for the second wave of the coronavirus.The government is preparing the hospital. Now there are beds for almost 30 thousand patients and medical ventilators used are few, they are sufficient.

News “Today” reported that, according to the Ministry of health, in some areas of Ukraine can strengthen the quarantine.

And Exactly doctors have recorded the disturbing video in the outbreak of coronavirus: