The luck from the coronavirus died mother


The danger of coronavirus does not retreat.

In Lutsk died 39-year-old woman from complications of coronavirus Covid-19. The doctors fought for the life of the mother of 5 children six days. Orphans left three sons and two daughters, reports the with reference to Country.

The tragedy occurred at the hospital in Boholyuby. The day before she gave birth to a girl, which became the fifth child in the family.

“Anna Lazarevna was in the hospital in the city of Lutsk, to give birth to a daughter. But infectious disease was stronger, the daughter was born through cesarean section, is healthy and is now in the hospital. Doctors almost six days fought for life, but unfortunately, at the age of 39 years, Anna Lazarevna moved from earth to a better world. Orphans were three sons and two daughters, the smallest on the day of the funeral was only 6 days,” — said the head of the GSS Pidlisetskiy Rivne region Nicholas Kostyukevich.

Coronavirus infection was diagnosed in Anna after she came to the hospital. It was immediately transferred to hospital Volyn. She presented with low oxygen saturation and was weakly associated disease. Two days the mother was in intensive care.

“On June 23, the woman made cesarean section due to obstetric indications. The child was born in a serious condition. In connection with the deterioration of mothers and confirmed diagnosis Covid-19 (positive PCR) on 24 June, she was transferred to the regional hospital”, — told doctors.

And on June 28, the woman died. The baby girl is in the pediatric intensive care unit of the Lutsk clinical hospital. According to doctors, the girl there is a positive trend at the moment, the tests do not show it to the presence of the coronavirus.