Smigel told me that he spent 19 billion from the Fund to combat coronavirus

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Most of the money sent to pay unemployment

To fight the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Ukraine has spent 19 billion UAH. Most of them sent to the unemployment benefits, reports the with reference to RBC.

About this Facebook said the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal.

According to him, as of 1 July of the Fund of struggle against COVID — 19, which is 64,7 billion has already been allocated 19 billion:

  • 9 billion Fund of compulsory state social insurance against unemployment. Of them:
  1. 4.7 billion USD — payments assistance for partial unemployment;
  2. 4.3 billion hryvnia — the payment of unemployment assistance.
  • 3 billion hryvnia — measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Of them:
  1. UAH 650 million laboratory units of the Ministry of health;
  2. 2.3 billion UAH — for the purchase of personal protective equipment in hospitals.
  • 2,5 billion — to help Fund social insurance;
  • 1.7 billion hryvnia — for benefits and payments to pensioners;
  • 2.7 billion UAH of additional payments by the military, police and other categories, which provide vital activity of the population;
  • 100 million hryvnia for the purchase of the ventilator;
  • 23,7 million hryvnias — on measures against COVID-19 in prison;
  • 52,5 million hryvnia — for a refund to participants in the trial UPE.

In addition, pre-approved allocation of an additional 45.7 billion hryvnia:

  • 35 billion hryvnias for the repair and reconstruction of roads;
  • 7.8 billion hryvnia payments to physicians and some other categories;
  • 2.9 billion UAH for the purchase of equipment for the reception wards of reference hospitals in the hospital districts.