Scientists have found what masks from the coronavirus are the most effective


Any mask is better than nothing.

The most effective in combating the spread of coronavirus are conical or improvised multilayer cloth masks, reports the with reference to Browser.

To such conclusion came researchers from the University of Florida. They studied various materials and form of individual means of protection to find the best option for slowing the spread of droplets that carry the causative agent of a dangerous disease.

The experiment showed that a leaky mask and a bandanna tied around the face, show the worst results in slowing down biological fluids by sneezing or coughing person.

Scientists say that the furthest drop with the coronavirus spread from people who do not wear masks, their minimally inhibits the spread of the bandana, or better yet, folded in several layers of cotton handkerchief.

This is because such masks can significantly reduce the speed and range of breathing jets, albeit with some leakage through the material and small gaps around the edges.