More regions in Ukraine not willing to relax the quarantine list

For the past days the list includes the Chernivtsi region

In Ukraine increased the number of regions is not ready to soften the anti-epidemic measures. So, Kiev and 13 regions of Ukraine do not meet the requirements of the Ministry of health. This was announced on the official website of the Department.


As of June 30, the weakening is not ready by the following regions:

  • Volyn oblast
  • Donetsk oblast
  • Transcarpathian region
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region
  • Kyiv region
  • Kiev
  • Lugansk region
  • Lviv oblast
  • Odessa oblast
  • Rivne region
  • Kharkiv region
  • Khmel’nyts’ka oblast’
  • Chernivtsi region
  • Chernihiv region

In these areas the largest number of infected and overloaded hospitals. For last days the list includes the Chernivtsi region. There is a percentage of new cases of coronavirus is 11,54% (at a rate of 11%).

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine should prepare for a second waveof coronavirus.


But the health Ministry said that Ukraine recorded a rapid spread of the virus. This is confirmed not only the daily data about the new infected, but a significant increase in the number of hospitalizations.

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