Lesya Nikityuk boasted a figure in a short shorts

lesya nikityuk3

The star itself has created print pajamas.

Popular TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk, who recently in a short dress fell down the stairs, published a year new pictures, from which everyone was delighted. With the start of summer, the presenter often shows the results of the work on her figure. And recently, Lesya Nikityuk showed in the video, as a diet, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

In the photo Lesya Nikityuk posed on nature complete with bright prints, and showed a taut tummy and slender legs.

The author of stylish sleepwear printed was itself Lesya Nikityuk. The TV presenter tied the shirt just above the navel, and so it turned into a summer top. Shorts with a high waist emphasized lean legs celebrity.

In just a few hours publication Lesya Nikityuk gathered more than 60 thousand likes.

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lesya nikityuk