In Odessa flowered sea: tourists asked to give up bathing

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To shore drifted too much algae.

The water of the Black sea near Odessa blossomed and turned green, the state foods and consumer service region warned holidaymakers swimming in the coming days, reports the with reference to Country.

On Tuesday, June 30, informs a press-service of the Ministry in social networks.

“Water on the coast of Odessa suddenly thickened, like pudding and has become emerald. Even in the open sea there was a huge yellow-green spots. Waves caught by the wind, painted in green, the beaches and the tourists themselves. By the way, scares not only the color of the water, but also smell it”, — stated in the message.

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According to environmentalists, to the shore nailed too many algae, which because of the intense heat started to decompose in the water.

“In other words, the sea began to blossom. Therefore, the Main control Gospodarevskaya in Odessa region, warned the population against swimming in the water — especially children,” — said in the state foods and consumer service.

In addition, residents of the city in the near future should not eat sea fish and mussels in the Black sea, because flowering water contributes to the accumulation in organisms of marine inhabitants toxic substances.

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