Drunk driving: how to change the penalties from 1 July

pyanoe vozhdenie

enters into force the relevant law

Wednesday, July 1, in Ukraine the driving while intoxicated will result in criminal prosecution. Grow and the penalties for this crime, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

In particular, force corresponding bill No. 7279-d, which introduces criminal liability for management in a state of intoxication. The Verkhovna Rada approved in 2018. The norm on criminal liability should be introduced starting January 2020, however, it was postponed to 1 July.

Under the criminal liability is now subject to the following violations:

  • driving in condition of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication or under the influence of drugs that reduce attention and speed of reaction;
  • transfer of management to the person who is in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs;
  • the failure of the person, transport Manager, from passing the examination on the state of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication or the use of appropriate medicines;
  • the use by the driver of alcohol, drugs, etc. after the accident with his participation, or after the vehicle was stopped at the request of the police, to the medical examination (before the decision on exemption from conducting such a medical examination).

It is permissible norm of blood alcohol is considered to be not more than 0.2 ppm.

Increase penalties

From 1 July the penalty for drunk driving will increase substantially: the violators will have to pay for the first violation of the law from 17 to 34 thousand UAH, with deprivation of rights for up to 3 years. Previously, according to the law, the first recorded drunk driving, the driver had to pay 10 UAH 200. If it was caught the second time during the year, the penalty was 20 400 hryvnia, and with no identity he remained for three years.

Under the new law, repeated violation of the law will cost 51 thousand hryvnias of a penalty. In addition, the driver will take away the right to drive for a period of two to three years.

But now these penalties are not administrative, and criminal liability, which means that the offender faces getting a criminal record.

If drunk driving will cause an accident with injuries, the responsibility for the driver beyond the fines — with the application of punishment in the form of restriction/deprivation of liberty.

Furthermore, driving while intoxicated without causing damages will be considered a criminal offense with a simplified pre-trial investigation. And to investigate such offenses would be separate from the police special forces — investigating. So, the trial of such cases should take place within three months. If within this period the offender is not prosecuted, the case is closed at the end of time.

The Institute of criminal misconduct

Today, criminal offences are divided into criminal offences and crimes (less serious, serious, especially serious). The first will be punished with fines. For the crime can be imprisoned from five years to life.

The law provides that for a period of up to five years to be deprived of liberty or to a fine of up to 10 thousand tax-free allowances (currently UAH 170 thousand) in the case of committing minor crimes; and in the case of the felony — the law provides imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or a fine up to 25 thousand of such minima (425 thousand UAH), for example, is grievous bodily harm.

In addition, a felony punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 10 years, or life imprisonment and a fine in the amount of more than 25 thousand of such minima (425 thousand UAH), for example, murder.