Crickley told which countries can Ukrainians visit


The list will grow.

Five countries have opened the borders for Ukrainian tourists at the moment. Turkey, Egypt, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro. Some of them require special conditions during a pandemic coronavirus, reports the with reference to Country.

This was written by the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley in his Telegram channel on Wednesday, July 1.

So, for Ukraine, opened the border:

  • Egypt (but only with the mandatory 14-day isolation after returning home, due to the high level of cases Covid-19);
  • Croatia (subject to confirmation of booking of a hotel or guest housing);
  • Montenegro (subject to the negative result of PCR test for coronavirus, over the last 48 hours);
  • Turkey;
  • Albania.

“Due to the unstable epidemiological situation in Ukraine, other European borders, unfortunately, remain closed for Ukrainian tourists. However, foreigners, diplomats and citizens of Ukraine, who have a valid work or school contracts or residence permits in the EU, sailors who are heading to the ship, the citizens, following transit through the EU, the entry of resolved,” — wrote the Minister.

He also added that every two weeks the EU will revise the list of States in which you can enter, and depending on the circumstances, or completely removed restrictions on travel or re-enter them for specific countries. And Georgia will take the decision to open borders, depending on the development of the epidemiological situation in Ukraine.