Ukrainians in July, expect a few magnetic storms

magnitnaya burya

Important information for weather-sensitive.

In July, geomagnetic storms will “disturb” the Land infrequently, reports the with reference to Browser.

Also, the first month, a magnetic storm is expected on the 4th of. To this day, the magnetosphere will be excited, the level of G1 – that is, the phenomenon will be weak.

The following outbreaks are expected on 6 and 7 July. They will be the same in intensity, but weather-sensitive people can still feel them.

How to protect yourself from the effects of magnetic storms on health

  • meteodata on the eve of and during need a good night’s sleep;
  • not overeating, abandon fatty foods;
  • do not drink alcohol;
  • to give up coffee and replace it with herbal teas;
  • to unsubscribe from intense workouts;
  • more walk in the fresh air.