Ukraine again will flood heavy rains: weatherman showed a map

A cold atmospheric front from Europe brought a new portion of precipitation

On Tuesday, June 30, from Europe to Ukraine comes a new weather front. He will bring precipitation to the Western regions of the country, which will long to recover from massive floods last week.


About this on his page in Facebook said the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

Already this evening, and at night the cyclone will cause rain. Places predict heavy rains and thunderstorms. During the day he will go to the North, center and in Odessa oblast. Separate “local” precipitation is expected in Luhansk and Azov sea. “Rattle” can and in the Crimea.

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The rampant disaster affected regions. In the river, Kharkiv region, Mykolaiv, Kherson, most parts of Donetsk and Zaporozhye region precipitation Didenko promises.


The temperature on June 30, the day rises in Ukraine, + 26 and + 32 degrees. In the West, who the day will be in the rear of a cold atmospheric front will be fresher +23…+ 27 degrees, “said she.

In Kiev on Tuesday, in the afternoon hours rain with thunderstorm, some areas of the capital can be very fill. It is not excluded that drops the hail.

By the way, can hit in the head and the vessels is atmospheric front, atmospheric pressure jumps will be, “warns Didenko.

Recall that in Transcarpathia declared a state of emergency, to restore damaged facilities authorities ask 176,3 million.