The EU has updated the list of countries that are allowed entry from 1 July

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The list of 15 countries, among them Ukraine.

The updated list of countries for which the European Union recommends open borders since July, Ukraine. In the “red” list, it is also not made, according to the with reference to Conduct.

As you know, on Thursday in the “green” list of the EU was 54 countries, among them Ukraine. The Agency reports that as of June 29, in the list of 15 countries:

  • Montenegro;
  • Serbia;
  • Georgia;
  • Canada;
  • Algeria;
  • Australia;
  • Japan;
  • Morocco;
  • New Zealand;
  • Rwanda;
  • South Korea;
  • Thailand;
  • Tunisia;
  • Uruguay;
  • if mutual steps — China.
  • USA, Russia and Brazil are in the “red list” of countries for whose citizens the entry will remain prohibited.

    The newspaper notes that the decision is not binding for EU countries, so the citizens of Ukraine of potential exceptions.

    Note, the opening of borders since July 1, still remains in question, given the fact that the final agreement is not reached in time for the entry into force of the decision must be published.