The car market in Ukraine: what brand bought in quarantine


Three of the most popular brands of cars.

Covid-19 struck a blow to the market of sale of cars in Ukraine. According to leading car dealers, total new car sales for the first 5 months of 2020 in comparison with the previous period last year fell by slightly more than 7%, reports the with reference to

The main decline in sales was in March-April after the introduction in Ukraine of strict quarantine measures.

In may, the sales volume began to resume, total volume amounted to 5850 new cars, which is 60% more than in April. But the may figure last year was 12% better.

For the first five months 2020 Ukraine has sold about 30 000 new cars.

The three leaders in may:

  • 3rd place at KIA. Sold over 660 cars. The brand now owns more than 11% of the Ukrainian market.
  • 2nd place belongs to Renault. Sold more than 820 cars. The brand now owns more than 14% of the Ukrainian market.
  • 1st place belongs to Toyota. Sold more than 1000 cars. This brand is now owned by more than 17% of the Ukrainian market.

As noted by Alexander Losev, the financial expert Alpari, in order to oust the three leaders with such brands as Skoda, Mercedes and Hyundai need to increase the number of sales three times, because the gap from the leaders is very high.

In the Wake of the sales – Volvo and Volkswagen. Number of cars sold in may was more than 65 and 70 cars respectively. These two brands occupy no more than one percent of the Ukrainian market, respectively.

“Again, if the country does not quarantine the auto sales market will recover further. Ahead of the tourist season, and I’m sure many Ukrainians want to go to the South on a new car. But the main priority of choice is the ratio of the price of goods, quality of service and solvency of the buyer,” says Losev.