India will test on humans a vaccine against coronavirus

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The vaccine has received the name Covaxin.

In India in July, will begin human trials of the vaccine local production against coronavirus (COVID-19), reports the with reference to Browser.

The group of subjects receives the drug in the study conducted in Hyderabad by the firm Bharat Biotech. Earlier tests on animals showed that the vaccine is safe and induces an effective immune response.

It is noted that this is the first Indian vaccine, developed on the basis of virus strain, which was isolated locally and weakened under laboratory conditions.

The government of India has allowed Bharat Biotech to spend the 1st and 2nd phases of clinical trials on humans after “the company presented the results obtained as a result of pre-clinical studies demonstrating safety and immune response”, says the statement of the company. In Bharat Biotech said that the test is designed to test the safety, not its effectiveness.

The vaccine has received the name Covaxin and was developed at the local level in cooperation with the National Institute of Virology India and the Indian Council of medical research.