In Ukraine will increase the penalties for drunk driving

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Penalties will increase significantly.

Wednesday, July 1, in Ukraine will toughen penalties for drivers under the influence. For driving while intoxicated impose criminal liability. Also increased fines of up to 51 thousand UAH, with deprivation of the right of management by vehicles for the term from two up to three years, reports the with reference to Country.

So, stricter penalties provided for in law No. 2617-VIII, which the Verkhovna Rada adopted in November 2018. He was supposed to come into force from 1 January 2020, but the date was postponed for six months.

It is noted that for drunken driving, the driver will receive a criminal record for a new article of the Criminal code 286-1 UK — even if the offense picks him up for the first time.

As reported, information about criminal records is an electronic database of the National police, even if will be repaid later. A certificate on absence/presence of a criminal record is a record of the criminal prosecution will be displayed always.

Also expanded the list of circumstances in which the driver can be found guilty of drunk driving:

  • driving while intoxicated (“management of vehicles in a condition of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication or under the influence of drugs that reduce attention and speed of reaction”);
  • the tolerance behind the wheel of another drunk person (“the transfer of control of the vehicle to a person who is in such a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs”);
  • the failure of the driver to undergo a medical examination for intoxication or the use of such medications;
  • drinking alcohol after stopping by the police or after an accident, but a medical examination — to exclude cases where the drivers therefore tried to avoid responsibility (“the use by the driver of the vehicle after the accident with his participation alcohol, drugs, and drugs manufactured on their basis (except for members approved the composition of the kit or the designated medical officer), or after the vehicle was stopped at the request of the police, before the authorized person of the medical examination or before the decision for exemption from this examination”).
    Increase penalties for drunken driving

On the first offense provides for fines from 17 to 32 thousand UAH (from 1 thousand to 2 thousand non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens), and deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle for up to 3 years. Upon repeated offence — a fine of up to 51 thousand UAH with deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle for 2 to 3 years.