In Kiev on the bridge Paton was a double “non-contact” accidents. Video

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The accident occurred synchronously.

In a network there was video of a double accident on the bridge Paton, which provoked one of the drivers, hitting temporary plastic fencing, reports the with reference to Country.

Reported group “operational Kiev” in Facebook.

“The time of the accident at the Paton bridge, which occurred today in 19:35”, — stated in the message.

The video shows that the driver in the oncoming lane touches the temporary fencing installed during repair of a road covering of a bridge. The inertia of the part of the fence crashing to the lane of the vehicle, filmed the moment, and in the “trap” gets the car, which was traveling ahead.

Thus on the bridge at the same time there was a double accident, which commentators of the video called “contactless”.

There was a video simultaneous accident on the bridge Paton in Kiev. Video: Facebook /”, Kiev operative”.