In July, the sky can be seen several planets

parad planet

How this phenomenon will affect people.

Scientific Director of Moscow planetarium Faina Rublev said that in July it will be possible to observe planets, but to see with the naked eye all the heavenly bodies will fail. According to her, this phenomenon does not affect people, reports the with reference to Country.

So, the astronomer said that from the 4th of July at night can be seen in the sky Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and in the morning Venus. While Uranus and Neptune with the naked eye to see will be impossible, and to observe mercury will not work because of the Sun.

According to her, the science of such terms as “parade of planets” is not. It was invented by the media to attract attention. She also explained how this phenomenon will affect people.

“The influence on our planets does not have a brand. Some associate it with some disasters, and the coronavirus is credited, this is nonsense. We in what century live? It’s just a regular repeatable configuration of the planets. She is known for, she understood. Science, and they are not engaged, because no new facts to this is impossible”, — said Rublev.

According to her, the planets in the sky move slowly, and gradually form a parade. Therefore, this phenomenon can be observed about two weeks, in contrast to solar and lunar eclipses, which happen at precisely the appointed time.

Earlier we wrote that astronomers have found two very Earth-like planet near a red dwarf is very similar to the Sun.