A slight increase after a sharp decline: new data on COVID-19 in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the epidemic from COVID-19 died 1159 Ukrainians

The epidemic coronavirus infection continues to spread in Ukraine. After a sharp decline in the number of casesrecorded during the day on June 28, the last day, June 29, recorded growth in the number of infected, – 706 new infections. The monitoring system of the national security Council.


All in all, Ukraine COVID-19 were diagnosed in 44 of 334 people. 1159 infected died from the dangerous disease (12 people died in recent days). To defeat the infection has been 19 115 Ukrainians (88 in the last day).

If you look at the regions, Lviv oblast still first in the number of cases per day (+143). In second place today, the Transcarpathian (+97). More than 60 new cases in the Odessa region, and vacationers as the resorts massively ignored the rules of quarantine, the Ministry of health predicts a further deterioration of the situation.

It is worth noting that in seven regions over the past day has not revealed any case COVID-19. This is Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy, Kherson and Zhytomyr regions.


Previously, we reported that, together with the number of infected coronavirus infection in Ukraine has increased the number of pneumonia. As the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov, in many of these cases, the pneumonia was a complication COVID-19.

In addition, the Director General of the world health organization (who) , Tadros Aden Gebreyesus saidthat the completion of the pandemic coronavirus is not yet visible, but the incidence is accelerating. Also, the organization has already announced a new wave of coronavirus in Europe.