The students shared their impressions from the first UPE

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As tested in conditions of quarantine.

Last Thursday, June 25, many graduates who are planning this year to go to University, passed the first tests in mathematics. We asked them what challenges they had to face and as tested in the conditions of the quarantine, reports the with reference to Conduct.

Victoria bendoc, 16 years old, Kyiv

— Like half my class, I passed the EIT in a nearby gymnasium №261. It is not far from my house, so no problems with expensive for nothing. At the entrance were men in protective suits and each participant testing the temperature was measured, and then miss the building for registration. But despite the fact that near the entrance and in front of the registration Desk was marking, social distance was not observed. All crowded around the entrance, talked among themselves and asked each other about who and how to prepare for tests. At the entrance to the auditorium stood masks and antiseptic, which could benefit anyone.

Instruction conducted young nice woman, during testing they kept asking us about the health. I was very worried that because of the mask, which did not allow neither to lower, nor to remove, I would fog up the glasses. But no. And it was surprising to me. And in the audience, contrary to expectations, it wasn’t stuffy. Every 10-15 minutes, opened the window to ventilate the room. It was surprisingly and pleasantly, that none of us checked with a metal detector, which so frightened the teacher.

I can say that the testing was easy. All jobs that were in the tests, we had previously decided. When I opened my envelope and saw the job, I have all the excitement was gone. I took myself in hand, and the test was like a normal independent work.

Irina Plasnica, 17, Svalyava

— I long thought, to take this year, VNO or not. And when he said that in order to obtain the certificate, you can not take the GIA, decided to opt out of the tests, as did most of my classmates. But parents insisted, and I decided to test — still the entire eleventh grade to prepare for.

My testing was in Mukachevo. It is about a 40 minute drive from my school. We took a school bus and drove to the destination. Many was not good in the bus. It was very hot window did not open, and certainly not the air conditioning worked. Even the accompanying and constantly watched, so that no one removed the mask. I was very afraid that I will climb during the road temperature. As a result, the screening showed that 36.9 °C. the Temperature was acceptable, so I passed.

The audience was very hot. The window did not open, said that it is not necessary under the regulations. And that though as-that to breathe the fresh air, we all in turn went to the toilet, there is no controlled, masked or not. There was advice about how to solve a particular task, as there were graduates from other audiences. By the way, in the booth I even found spurs — you can see, someone fell out.

Oleg Makarov, 16, Kyiv

To the point of testing was five minutes walk away, so I’m not worried about being late. The testing time specified in the invitation, the pass — 10:20-10:35. From the house came exactly at ten in the morning, I went to the store, bought cold water and came to check. At the entrance stood medics in protective suits and police. The doctors took my temperature, asked about the health of and missed. And the police just stood aside in the shadows and watched. During registration I was asked to lower the mask and show of ID cards, bringing her to face. The woman who checked the identity of, was my distance of five feet. She was in thick glasses, so I don’t know how she knew my document or not.

The place I had by the window. And the window for three hours of testing, no one answered. And even the doors in the auditorium didn’t open for ventilation. When we requested to open the door, because the masks was unbearably hot, the instructors told us that these are the rules and in the audience there should be nothing open. An hour and a half I and everyone who was in the audience, including instructors, was “cooked”. I even have a shirt stuck to the back. By the end of the test I thought I was going to lose consciousness, so did not even bother to recheck the job. Passed as it was, just moved into a clean copy of the answers, and all. The result left the test half an hour earlier.

Karina Golaszewska, 16, Brovary

For me the hardest part of this testing was to wait for the exam. All this talk about whether EIT or not? And if so, when? And if not, how do? And if you suddenly have to take exams in high school? I’m so exhausted that I even think about the exam and admission could not. Me even parents are reassured and offered to do next year.

But when told that the EIT will happen, I’m really happy. It is much easier to write and wait for the results, than to be in limbo. I was preparing for maths for two years, so their abilities are not doubted and it is hoped that this year I would write these tests.

But when it was announced that testing will take place, but to pass exams you will need masks, I had a new problem. The fact that I wear glasses, and my school teachers are the first who began to fear that because of the mask they will fog up. So my mom immediately made an appointment to the optometrist and asked him to prescribe me lenses. Changing glasses for the lens, I was a bit in shock. Whether the lens itself was bad for me, then I do not have time to get used to them, but in the exam I was uncomfortable in them — had a headache and was weak. The doctor warned me that this could be, and prescribed to them special drops. But for testing drops to carry was not allowed, moreover, to use them. So after half an hour after the start of the test I was dizzy, had a weakness, everyone around us was irritated and answers in the tests I was put at random.

Inna Kresnicka, 16 years, Kharkiv

— To pass the test we went to the neighboring village. Broke down on the road a school bus, so worried that will not have time and do not get to the point of delivery at the time that was specified in the pass of invitation. And though I had to arrive at 10:15-10:30 and we arrived at 10:40, we all missed without question. While checked in, the girls in the line which we have drawn in the audience, said our instructor for 23 years, and if anything, they will help to pass all right. At first I did not understand what it was about, but then when I went to the restroom, they showed me where Cribs. But really, if you think well, it was possible to get without cheat sheets — the job was simple, easier than on the test set, and not as “twisted” as last year.

And due to the fact that everyone was in masks and at the end of the testing, tired and exhausted, then you can write off was right in the audience, one at the end of the tests already do not pay attention. The girl who sat in the next row, got out of the crib sneakers and trainers pretended not to notice anything. If they really didn’t see because no one has walked through the rows, trying to keep social distance, or just turn a blind eye.