The foreign Ministry said that NATO will place its bases in Ukraine

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Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar explained the situation.

It is too early to speak about placing of NATO military bases on the territory of Ukraine. This will be possible only after our country will receive the status of a full member of NATO.

About the placement of NATO bases in Ukraine

About it to speak still early. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

He stressed that Ukraine had recently joined the Program enhanced NATO’s capabilities. This is the next step to strengthen cooperation with the Alliance.

Actually, it’s just a theory. While it is too early. When Ukraine will receive the status of a full member of NATO, it will be possible to speak seriously,
– Bodnar responded to a question about the placement of NATO bases in Ukraine.

Bodnar recalled that Ukraine has made a request for the granting of the action plan for NATO membership at the Bucharest summit, then the Alliance has clearly said that Ukraine and Georgia will become NATO members, but the decision for NATO.

Ukraine received the status of a NATO partner: what does it mean

  • NATO in 2014 launched a so-called program advanced features. Its purpose is to enhance the operational compatibility of troops of the countries participating with NATO forces.
  • Personal Alliance partners receive a number of benefits. For example, regular political consultations on security issues, improved access to exercise and the exchange of information, closer cooperation in times of crisis.
  • Until recently, the status of the partner had only 5 countries: Sweden, Finland, Australia, Georgia and Jordan. Now they were joined by Ukraine.

On the withdrawal of American troops from Germany

Bodnar called the U.S. decision to move part of U.S. military troops from Germany to Poland is a serious and positive for Ukraine in the signal.

This is a serious signal that Russia has nervously responded, but for us it is a positive signal that strengthening the military capabilities of NATO is a positive effect on the security of Ukraine. Of course, we cannot talk now about the placement of military units on the territory of Ukraine,
– he stressed.

Finally, the Deputy foreign Minister added that Ukraine can expect to receive a Plan of action for membership in NATO, because our country has the military capacity and popular support.

What is known about the withdrawal of US troops from Germany

  • In early June, Donald trump gave the order to withdraw from Germany 9 500 US military withdrawn from Germany, almost 10 thousand soldiers: Poland asks part. It’s almost a third of the total American population.
  • However, Berlin was allegedly not received confirmation of this from Washington.
  • At the same time, Poland hopes that some of the troops peredoziruet to her.
  • US military in Germany was part of the deterrence of the Soviet Union during the cold war, and now doing similar work in Russia.
  • Now most of the us military in Germany are not focused on the protection of the territory and perform tasks in the framework of NATO and US military operations around the world.