The election of the President of Poland: results of the first round


None of the candidates receives 51%.

In Poland practically finished counting of votes. Although definitive data are not available (processed only with the efficiency of 99.78%) of the ballots, it is clear that the country will face a second round of voting, since none of the candidates receives the necessary number of votes to win, reports the with reference to Comments.

So the current President Andrzej Duda received the support of 43.67% of the vote, while his main rival, the mayor of Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski received votes 30.34% of the population. At the moment, not processed protocols with only 63 sectors of the 27-million-voter Turnout was 64.4%.

Note that because of the epidemic of the coronavirus presidential elections postponed and the citizens were allowed to vote by mail. A second round of voting is scheduled for July 12. The winner will be determined by a simple majority of votes.

For the first time the electoral process is conducted under a mixed system — citizens who do not want to attend the polls, may vote by mail. Polling stations on Sunday, 28 June, worked up to 21 hours.

The leader of the Republic claim 11 candidates. However, analysts believe that the most popular only two — incumbent President Andrzej Duda and rafał Trzaskowski.