In Norway, said about the surge of radiation near the borders with Russia


Radiation threatens people

In Northern European countries recorded an increase in the radiation level near the borders with the Russian Federation. It is likely that the radiation emissions are civilian in origin, reports the with reference to RBC.

According to the organization of the Treaty on the comprehensive nuclear test ban (CTBTO), the increase in radiation levels was recorded in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia.

The Executive Secretary of the CTBTO Lassina Zebra published a map of the distribution of the radioactive spots. In accordance with the map, the spot covers Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Northwest Russia. The radiation level poses no threat to humans.

The National Institute of health and environment of the Netherlands believe that the source of emission of radiation is located in the West of Russia, but the exact location can not be determined.

In the Netherlands suggest that the release of radiation could occur as a result of damage to a fuel element for a nuclear plant. In Russia deny that the release could happen at Russian NPPs.